About the project

At a time when touch screen interfaces were rare in vehicles, and tablet computers were in their infancy, this rapid proof of concept project was used to highlight the future of in vehicle technology.

The challenge

Approached to fit a 7 inch windows tablet into a police Vauxhall Insignia, this project involved designing and manufacturing the end solution in a very short time scale.

Short lead time

With a lead time of a week given before the National Association of Police Fleet Managers (NAPFM) show where the vehicle had to be displayed, the brief consisted of fitting the tablet into the dashboard, but also being completely removable, and able to lock in place for security.

Manual creation

With the time restrictions, there was no opportunity to get any CAD from the vehicle being used. This meant that the dashboard needed to be modelled manually.

The process

The dashboard was first sketched to nail down the firm concept, then went straight into production. Using glass fibre and resin, the holster for the tablet was built first, to ensure that the device would fit, could be locked and subsequently removed.

This finished holster was then bonded into an existing fascia, painted and finished before being installed into a vehicle for demonstration.

The solution

With a 7 inch tablet built into the centre console of the vehicle, the solution allowed users to experience a glimpse of the future of the automotive experience. The tablet could be locked in place with a key, or swiftly removed by pushing on the bottom and pivoting it forwards.