About the project

At the end of 2016, having played on their grounds for almost 30 years, and less than one week after the opening of their newly refurbished pavilion, Cherhill Cricket Club were told that the land they reside on was being sold by the owner and would be used to house horses. This meant that the local cricket club would now be homeless, without a pitch to play on, and equally important (for both club finances and the social aspect of the club) no bar or clubhouse.

This project was to design a concept for a portable club house and bar, that could move to wherever a pitch was available to play on.

You can find out more about Cherhill Cricket Club here and here.

The solution

The solution focused around converting a modern double decker bus into a moveable clubhouse, nicknamed ‘The Cricketer’s Travels’. This would feature both a main downstairs bar and a secondary smaller upstairs bar, toilet facilities and a viewing deck for watching the play and scoring. The central roof section would be able to raise whilst staying in tact, giving shelter in rainy conditions and shade in sunny ones. The main bar would also have an outside facing service hatch, allowing for teas and refreshments to be served to a makeshift outside pavilion.

The styling would follow that of a traditional English pub, with wooden floors throughout and warm coloured seating. A storage area accessible via the old emergency door at the back of the bus would allow for fire engine style storage of equipment for outdoors, such as tables and chairs or even small areas of decking.

This vehicle concept could be used for cricket games, but also could be hired out for festivals or events to generate additional revenue for the club.