About the project

The Bloodhound SSC uses an 18inch hybrid rocket as one of its engines to propel it to 1000MPH. Two of these rockets are needed, as the vehicle has to do two runs in opposite directions in under an hour.

Acting as a ‘quiver’ for the rockets, the Supacat vehicle would carry them to the turn around point of the vehicle, where they could be changed quickly and safely.

You can find out more about the Bloodhound SSC Project here.

The challenge

With the Farnborough International Airshow quickly approaching, and Supacat coming onboard as a new sponsor of the project, the rocket transpotation vehicle needed to be designed. This would be one of the ‘draw in’ elements of the show, with the vehicle in a prominent position at the front of the stand.

Full branding

Painted in Bloodhound SSC colours, the vehicle had to stand out and be easily recognisable, both during the Airshow to the public and to any users in the desert.

The process

With only a few reference photographs to use as a guide, the design of the vehicle and the graphic layout options were drawn up. This was then taken by the team at Supacat and implemented before the Farnborugh International Airshow.

The solution

Painted in bright blue and orange, the Bloodhound Quiver vehicle could be easily identified whether on display at a show or in the centre of the desert.