About the project

The Fujitsu stylistic v535 introduced the smart shell concept, giving users the opportunity to swap the battery cover panel of the device for different modules. This would allow for the tablet to be customised for a wide range of user scenarios and applications.

You can find more about the Stylistic V535 here.

The challenge

For most rugged tablets, form follows function, but in this case the design not only needed to be durable but tie in with the looks of the existing tablet. The solution also needed to be innovative, both in terms of the docking system and in the opportunities for further expansion with future accessories and solutions.

Clean looks

One of the key selling points of the tablet was its size and weight, as well as its consumer aesthetic. Any panel needed to be low profile and light, and also needed to add to the device athletically, without seeming like it had been an afterthought.

Easy functionality

The smart back needed to allow for the tablet to be quickly and easily docked into both vehicle and office situations. It needed to allow connection for power and USB to the device (for example to connect a keyboard to the tablet), but also connection out to add accessories (for example mobile printers which could connect to the rear of the device). All of this added functionality needed to be included, with the docking being able to secure the device but be able to undock with one hand in one motion.

The solution

The final design introduced the device side of the ‘HexMount system’. This is used on a range of devices (not just the Stylistic V535 from Fujitsu) and provides a quick, one click docking solution. The land pads on the rear are designed to resist shorting in wet conditions, and allow for the tablet to be mounted in a wide range of situations.

The styling incorporated grip points on the left and right sides, making a feature of the panel whilst adding a different texture to aid the user in wet or slippery conditions.

The shaping of the panel also gives the tablet a slight incline when laid on a flat surface, aiding in on-screen typing and viewing of the screen.